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Oakville Private Schools & Oakville Public Schools


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Oakville is Home to an Impressive selection of independent preschools, elementary schools and high schools. Each school is committed to providing students with a unique and high quality education
with a strong academic foundation, small class sizes and personal attention. Contact Us to View Homes in Oakville School Catchment areas & Visit the schools of your Choice, discover what Different Oakville Schools have to offer. We can help you find out which one is right for your child. 

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 Oakville Private Schools & Oakville Public Schools 


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Oakville has a fantastic variety of schools to choose from. Oakville Schools are among the highest ranking academic schools in Canada.

There are three basic school systems in Ontario, namely - Public, Separate and Private schools.

Public schools are divided into three categories, primary schools which are junior kindergarten to grade 6, secondary schools which are grades 7 and 8, and high schools which are grades 9 to 12. Separate schools are divided into primary which runs from junior kindergarten to grade 8, and high school which runs from grades 9 to 12.

Private schools are generally the same as public   school grades, although some only run as high as grade 6, while others run from junior kindergarten to 12

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Oakville Schools

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Our Oakville Schools offer an impressive selection of Elementary and High Schools. Each School is committed to providing students with a unique and high quality education with a strong academic foundation, small class sizes and personal attention.


We highly recommend visiting the schools and discovering what each has to offer. Our School tour will help you find out which school is right for your children, it will also help us in determining which neighbourhoods you would like to search for homes.


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Oakville Private Schools



Appleby College  
Grade 7-12
540 Lakeshore Rd West Oakville Ontario


Appleby College


Appleby College:

Pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence in a challenging and supportive environment, Appleby College lays the foundation for university achievement and a lifetime of accomplishment. Located on a spectacular 60-acre lakeside campus in Oakville Ontario on the scenic shores of Lake Ontario. Creating valuable opportunities for serving people and the planet, Appleby College inspires a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility, global understanding and environmental stewardship. Appleby College offers an outstanding co-educational education to boarding and day students, hailing from more than 25 countries. Appleby College integrates rigorous academics with dynamic arts, athletics and community service. Students are engaged in diverse co-curricular offerings and a strong residential life program.




St. Mildred Lightbourn School 

JK- Grade 12
1080 Linbrook Rd Oakville Ontario



St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School Oakville Private GirlsSchool 

 Number One School- Highest Ranked Provincial Testing EQAO Testing St Mildred's School Call Mary Sturino for more info 905-302-0170St Mildred's Lightbourne School- Ranked NUmber one in Ontario Provincial Testing EQAO Results


St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School:


St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School of Oakville is a day school for girls which provides a caring learning environment and is dedicated to excellence in education from Junior Kindergarten to University entrance. SMLS community fosters the development of each individual, enabling her to realize her full potential and to face the challenges of the changing global community. The school emphasizes academic achievement within a well-rounded and technologically progressive programme.

SMLS strong academic program is designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, flexibility, adaptability, communication skills and the ability to use new technologies. With state-of-the-art Athletic and Fitness Facility, Performance Studio Theater and Visual Arts Centre, students experience enriched programming.
SMLS offers Advanced Placement courses, SAT preparation, focused support for the achievement of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program (Round Square regional member) and participation in the First LEGO League/FIRST Robotics programs.

In 2008-2009, 98% of SMLS Graduates were Ontario Scholars, with 100% accepted at Universities of their choice; 97% of Junior School students scored at or above grade level on Canadian Achievement Tests in math and literacy; and SMLS sports teams achieved 15 Golds in divisional events.

St Mildred's Lightbourn School Ranked number one in Ontario Provincial Testing Achievement EQAO Testing


St Mildred's Lightbourn School Oakville Ontario





 Rotherglen School

 Rotherglen School Mary Sturino Broker & Carmine Sturino Oakville Real Estate Agent 905-302-81111



 Rotherglen School:




At Rotherglen, their philosophy is to focus on developing a love of learning while guiding and challenging every student from Preschool (Casa) to Grade 8. This is accomplished  through their low student-to-teacher ratio, their highly trained and dedicated faculty, and the open and ongoing dialogue between teachers, parents and administration.

The lower school program (Casa – Grade 3) is firmly rooted in Montessori principles. This program provides a solid foundation for their Grades 4 -8 program which transitions into a more traditional style of learning. They take the child as the center of their work, and seek to create an environment which challenges each student to become an active participant in his or her own learning process.  




Rotherglen Primary Campus The Oakville Primary Campus, fondly referred to as the “yellow school,” provides a bright, welcoming Montessori environment for students in their formative years (3 – 6 years old). The sense of community achieved in the Casa classroom gives each child a heightened sense of respect for others, and most importantly, respect for themselves

Fernhill School: 





Fern Hill School focuses on providing students with a solid foundation for high school and beyond – a foundation built on engagement, encouragement, recognition, and a learning environment that is both inviting and well-equipped.

Academic integrity and good work habits are stressed in all aspects of the school programme. The curriculum includes: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art, Drama, Foreign Language study, French, Computer Technology and Physical Education. Fernhill School in Oakville promotes academic excellence, encourages independent thinking and cultivates individual talents.

Fern Hill students develop increased independence, personal responsibility and accountability as they encounter increasingly high expectations for academic and behavioural excellence. Fernhill School graduates are confident and well-prepared students who advance as leaders in their secondary and university careers. Many students become prefects, student council presidents and assume community-oriented leadership roles.

Fernhill offers small class sizes, a warm friendly environment, attention to intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and caring subject-specific teachers.






MacLachlan College


MacLachlan College Oakville Ontario -Mary Sturino 905-302-0170


MacLachlan College

High standards of professionalism and academic standards. MacLachlan students are expected to graduate with a solid academic standard, providing right background  to be accepted at the university of their choice.  MacLachlan College has a distinguished record of university acceptance.

Debating, athletics, exciting enrichment modules which take our students on adventurous journeys add to the community feeling and sharing in the joy of learning.




 Glenburnie School

GlenburnieGlenburnie School Oakville Ontario

Glenburnie School:

The objectives of Glenburnie School are founded on the core philosophy that each student is an individual with unique learning capabilities.  To ensure that each student develops intellectual competence - a child who has intellectual competence is one who can think logically, critically, and creatively. To guarantee that the process of learning is evident in all aspects of student activity. While the product must be neatly completed and be well organized, the process must also play a significant part in meeting specific objectives for all study areas. We realize that we must present factual material which is a pre-requisite to the thinking process.



King's Christian Collegiate

King's Christian College Oakville Ontario -Mary Sturino 905-302-0170 

King's Christian Collegiate: is an independent Christian high school in Oakville, Ontario, offering students every opportunity for success in high school and beyond, by providing excellent instruction in a safe and stimulating academic environment.






Oakville Christian School

Oakville Christian School
112 Third Line Oakville Ontario Canada L6L 3Z6

Oakville Christian School-Mary Sturino Broker 905-302-0170Oakville Christian School-Mary Sturino Broker- 905-302-0170Oakville Christian School-Mary Sturino Real Estate Broker 905-302-0170


Oakville Christian School is committed to instilling confidence in young lives during their formative years, and cultivating in its students solid Christian character traits and values. We seek to assist our children in developing a Christian world-view so as to enable them to respond Biblically to life's challenges. To meet these challenges, students must be equipped academically. Oakville Christian School offers students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 a well-rounded academic program with extracurricular opportunities that enable them to grow to their fullest potential. Our facilities include a gymnasium, large outdoor playing field, computer lab, science lab, library, resource centre, music room and an art room.Oakville ChristianSchool is an interdenominational, independent elementary school, offering instruction from Junior Kindergarten through to grade 8.



Clanmore Montessori